Aladdin Red Garage Door Operator

We are truly proud of the magnificent Aladdin Red Garage Door Operator, the DC- driven motor opens and closes your garage door with grace and will do for a long time. The motor is chain driven (optional belt driven) so little maintenance is required. Operation is quiet and smooth, running effortlessly every time.

The Aladdin Red Motor has proven its durability in South Africa’s climate and usage demand over the past 7 years, making us confident in our 1 Year limited Warranty.


• Power Input: 230V AC @ 50-60Hz
• Motor: 24V DC
• Operating Force: 800N
• Courtesy light Time: 3 minutes
• Door Travel Speed: 120mm/sec



• Quick & Easy Installation & Setup
• DC Motor – Low Noise, Soft Start & Stop
• One Button Control
• Programming Consol –  Soft-Touch Button Control with LED Display
• Manual Override

• Adjustable Overload Sensitivity
• Connection Points for Safety Beams
• On-board Receiver with 433.92 MHz Rolling Code
• Auto Close Function
• Holiday Lock Out Mode
• Optional Battery Back-Up


Aladdin Garage Doors as professional door installer uses the Aladdin Red garage door operator as the preferred motor and operator in their installations.

This motor and remote system has been tested for Brano Industries in New Zealand from as early as 2007 and this only after the operator has proven itself reliable in several European countries. Branded with all necessary EU stamps and approvals, the trusted operator was imported to South Africa by GD Warehouse for Brano Industries Pretoria to become their most popular selling operator, replacing the trusted Pro-Alpha GDO.

Thousands of these motors have been sold since, and with less than a 0.01% repair ratio, we believe our confidence in the product is well earned.

Brano as manufacturer of the Pro-Alpha 2000 has seen the need to change from their reliable AC Motor to a battery back-up DC motor during the power supply load sharing period in 2007. Although most doors in garages without a secondary exit point was fitted with emergency lock kits – or rather emergency release locks, the comfort of an automated door was lost not having a powered door mechanism on standby.

The other major change that had to be addressed was the noise level a screwdriver operator produced. The Aladdin Red comes with a chain drive system. Together with the added features of slow stop and soft start on;y a DC motor offers, you will find a pleasant reduction in noise, to such a low whispering level that we refer to the operator as being quiet.

The Aladdin Red chain drive operator is a 24V DC operated system. The increased voltage allows for less resistance and a smaller 2.5Ah battery issued to back-up the power supply.

The rail as previously stated houses the chain – tensioned by a compression spring and adjustable tensioning nut. The simplicity of this system allows for virtual maintenance free operation in the years to come.

Installation of this operator is easy and the clear easily programmable LCD display unit makes programming and setting up of the travel limits, overload sensing, remote control management and safety operation easy.

Safety features includes an electronically adjustable overload sensing program that re-opens your door once an obstruction has been detected during the closing cycle, and stops the door from moving any further during the open cycle. This will ensure no harm comes to children, pets or even your car when someone accidentally closes your door prematurely without first looking to see of the operating path of your door is cleared.

The specially decoded remote system will minimize the risk of your door opening by either a neighbor or even a criminal trying to copy the signal your remote transmitted, by rolling over the code each time you activate your door operator.

In the case when you need some extra assurance your door won’t open accidentally during a prolonged period away from home, you can easily set the holiday lock out function. This function requires you to depress TWO buttons in sequence before the motor triggers and opens your door.

All in all, we believe this operator to be the best value-for-money-door-opener in South Africa, and when fitted professionally as we do, also the best looking!!!