Wooden Garage Doors

Aladdin’s Wooden Garage Doors (Meranti Garage Doors) are made from top quality wood and are the most natural way to round off a home.

Colour Steel Sectional

Colour Steel (Also known as Chromadek) Sectional Garage Doors

Insulated Steel

Aladdin’s Insulated Steel Garage Doors are made up from steel with a polyurethane foam core between the front and the back of the garage door.

Aluminium Sectional

Aluminium Sectional Garage Door

An Aluminium Sectional Garage Door is undoubtedly an excellent choice. This steel is light, thus low maintenance, yet extremely strong.

Glass & Aluminium Sectional

The durable corrosion-resistant aluminium and light-filtering glass allow for a perfect balance between privacy and light.

Colour Steel Roll-Up

The Colour Steel Roll-Up Garage Door is the most cost effective of garage doors. Even so, they are not to be overlooked. Our quality steel roll-up doors are a cut above the rest.

Industrial / Roller-Shutter

Industrial Roller Garage Door

Industrial/Roller-Shutter Doors are a highly versatile option for any sized space that requires the option to open and close as needed. These doors provide a security closure of considerable strength while offering visibility and ventilation as an option if required.