Wooden Garage Doors

Aladdin’s Wooden Garage Doors (Meranti or Red Grandis Garage Doors) are made from top quality wood and are the most natural way to round off a home. Aladdin Garage Doors has a wide variety of single wooden garage doors and double wooden garage doors to choose from, all representing the very essence of craftsmanship.


  • 10 Panel Wooden Garage Door
  • 20 Panel Wooden Garage Door
  • 30 Panel Wooden Garage Door
  • Brick Panel Garage Door
  • Rustic Wooden Garage Door
  • Gothic Wooden Garage Door
  • Horizontal Slatted Wooden Garage Door
  • Dark Rustic Wooden Garage Door
  • Rustic Garage Door
  • Studded Wooden Garage Door
10 Panel Single
20 Panel Single
30 Panel Single
Tuscan Single
20 Panel Double
40 Panel Double
Brick Panel
Horizontal Slatted
Dark Rustic

We also manufacture

Specialized, Custom Designed, Wooden Garage Doors

to your specification