Aladdin Roll-Up Door Operator (RDO)

Aladdin’s very own Roll-up Door Operator brings you the convenience and high standards which have come to be expected from our Aladdin Product Range.

The Aladdin RDO is safeoperates quietly and offers an optional battery backup.
This operator is the reliable choice when considering automation for your Roll-Up Garage Door.


• Power Input: 220/230V AC @ 50Hz
• Motor: 24V DC
• Torque: 150cm at 4Amps
• Courtesy light Time:3 minutes
• Door Travel Speed: 110-150mm/sec



• Quick & Easy Installation & Setup
• DC Motor – Low Noise, Soft Start & Stop
• One Button Control
• Programming Consol
• Manual Override

• Adjustable Overload Sensitivity
• Connection Points for Safety Beams
• On-board Receiver with 433.92 MHz Rolling Code
• Auto Close Function
• Holiday Lock Out Mode
• Optional Battery Back-Up